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carriers | 2001 |

Octagon Center for the Arts
Ames, Iowa

Primary elements: Coffin, (left); 17 x 69 x 20 in., constructed of rough-sawn poplar, re-sawn, woven aromatic cedar and aluminum window screen; includes 13 in. salvaged chromed steel bench base. Sedan chair, (center); 65 x 28 x 28 in., is constructed of salvaged furniture parts, mixed-grade woods, salvaged paneling and Lexan. Cross, (right); 74 x 48 x 24 in. is constructed of standard dimensional spruce and string-reinforced polyethylene; originally installed outdoors as the Visible Body, it is shown here on a new 30 x 44 x 72 in. poplar base. Additional materials / elements of carriers include: black rubber anti-fatigue mats, lane marking tape, a small synthetic pillow, standard screen door hardware, orange paint, and translucent white vinyl sheeting.


Lethal holsters / pompous containers

Coffin, sedan chair, and cross

Duration as ensured by the lightweight
and by the lack of meaning
Nothing more than 15 pounds
Lethal holsters, pompous containers

A timeless truth is an empty container
The human body as sole locus