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WEST TULSA SPENT | 2011 | video
most of this drawing is not mine

grayDUCK Gallery
Austin, Texas

April 2011

Installation and [slightly documented] 30-minute performance of song, whittling, metal nibbling, chair-rocking and oration; with tap dancing + by collaborator Linda Litton.

This work combines autobiography with universals of expenditure;

perhaps best situated as a working space of theatrical mid-moments; as hidden dangers, sublime difficulty and discomfort mix with banality, residue, and dusty remains. What prompted the draw is not present. Only that which could be reassembled lies here as sign and suggestion of that which passed through.

Gallery is ~10' x 30' x 35'

Salvaged, common, and engineered woods; drywall, composites, and furniture parts; electrical, plumbing, and lawn-garden supplies; appropriated home-craft furniture; 221 12 gauge shotgun shells;

8-hour continuous audio loop of the artist sleeping, delivered via directional speaker just outside the bathroom door.

Contained collections of dog hair and dryer lint, dust and sawdust, bullet casings, live handgun ammo and shot lead, gathered and pulled fasteners, failed parts and tools, driveway fodder sharp enough to flat your tires, tobacco cans, coffee bags, feathers and bric-a-brac.


an environment(al) predilection
dangerous painting
sentimental sediments
fornicated furniture
a building or two
and a keeper to keep them
neighbor listen to
the sound of your own passage


Part of ON SITE , Austin

Special thanks to Linda Litton,
to Jill Schroeder and Mark,
Additional thanks to Satch, Jefferson, Sebastian, that Gadfly guy,
and to all of the fine folks we got to meet in Austin, Texas – an amazing place

Dedicated to a T, and to all the kittens who nearly died.