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...this winter... | 1996 | video

Intermedia Arts
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Views show 8 x 43 x 7 ft. freezer semi-trailer interior and twenty six 16 x 20 x 4 in. ice encased photographic prints. Average operating temperature was 22°F and cooling unit noise made normal conversation impossible. Meltdown temperatures reached 102°F and the ambient sound was water dripping. Ice blocks were displayed using shipping cargo bars, channel steel and modified salvage shelving parts. Lights are 40 watt caged bare bulb. Also shown are: plastic curtain entryways, renovation/warehouse theme entryway, and army blankets provided to viewers. Trailer was accessed through doorway cut out of gallery exterior wall or via exterior wheelchair-accessible ramp.


Selective sensory obstruction as metaphor for selective perception-operation within the world.

My Father’s legs as safe transport / window to the world.
My Father's legs as anchor keeping me from the world.

22 degrees -- the body leads
At meltdown -- the body still leads, one hundred and two degrees

The sound of water dripping


ILM, Gayle Bernard Davis