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Track aNd trolley | 2008 | video | press

Living Arts of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Installation and Performance
12' x 24' x 54'; all elements are suspended; common and salvaged woods, specialty lighting; 5-hour performance / "occupation" that included hole-boring, modification, and maintenance of elements; and misc. theatrical segments


In plan: a T embedding a t
In / un-convention: Everything is suspended, nothing touches the ceiling, walls, or floor
For the visitor: a mechanical environment; a skeleton in the body; a body in a coffin
To be seen but never knowingly occupied
As performed: occupied by me;
a worker's activities: maintenance, modification, manufacture;
music and lunch
Some small homage; some small play

Dedicated to the trades

The Squirt Bridge
Murray mining
McWane industries
The Bonus Army