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positioned bodies | 1997- 2005 + | video

Select images from a more or less ongoing work in digital still, video, and color negative film; generally distributed in crude books, video compilations, and as large-format inkjet prints;
dimensions variable, [this group from 1997- 2005]

A large sample of this group was utilized in the 2006 installation, image of one


This work represents an attempt, not only to discern the "other" I have made but to build a spectacular, singular fetish about them. I make this fetish for myself, and of myself I build a fetish for that other.

These makings involve depiction and require a director, an actor and an operator. Either participant may take any role(s) and often do. The participants have been myself and a series of persons, some of which I was on intimate terms with -- others not, these often appearing as surrogates or sample objects of desire. In any case, there is nothing "personal" and nothing "real" to see here. These are my, (in some ways our), fantastical little fictions. They probably do not discern much at all nor problem-solve, as I purportedly desire. They do however, allow this one to dwell, just a bit, in the delightful staring (and being stared at) that took place as the scenes arose, unfolded and withdrew before the camera and that other.