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a Pale; place into parts | 2010 | video | press

University Gallery and Carlos Gallery
The University of the South
Sewanee, Tennessee
December 2010

Installation and performance based in a central concept of "pale" -- divided using a Roland Barthes' "punctum / studium" split -- and installed as such in two separate galleries.

University Gallery / Punctum
18' x 23'6 cross / "T" forms; 48 feet of railroad track; lifting car w/ 12' twin-towers;
performance of material handling / dividing the space into quadrants
Gallery is 19' tall, 24' wide, and 56' long
Salvaged and common woods,
composites, and engineered lumber;
cargo bars, grooved casters, steel angle, specialty and custom fabricated hardware;
high-density polyethylene

Carlos Gallery / Studium
44" x 36" maps; 58 feet of custom-fit desk;
shelving units; measuring and marking tools;
bric-a-brac; 7,000 wooden stakes
Gallery is 10-22' tall, 9.5-12' wide, and 31-34' long
Salvaged and common woods; unprinted newspaper; steel and vinyl banding


Pale as paleskin
Pale as demarcation / division

This work an effort to unearth my
perhaps our

Containments of any type

An effort
To see the unending grays
And some so to speak
Black and whites
That the analysis of the sciences
And our personal attempts to understand our own unspeakables
Are now so intertwined
That a complete division is impossible
One much more like the other than distinct from it

We embrace, remake, defend our cliché chains
Our divisions
Our understanding of them
Based in foreign premises
Originated elsewhere
We do not know
Nor do we know why
Anachronism when we need anarchism


This work was funded in part through
a Creative Projects Grant awarded by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Special thanks to Shelley MacLaren,
Greg Pond, Tyler Cooney,
Sewanee's Physical Plant, and Joshua Meier