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Pornographic Display | 2006 | video

The Alexandre Hogue Gallery
The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Installation, 10' x 16' x 2'
and 5-minute performance;
Common and salvaged woods, furniture parts, hardware, and rubber

Part of the curatorial project: Use of the Photograph


A climbable wall work;
Just the back door of the semi-trailer;
Videotapes and magazines
viewable only from their ends;
A lump of coal, a stool, a roll of film;
A viewing box / a "camera" which displayed the back of Niepce's Window at Les Gras;
Here, divest of it's top and
uncontrollably exposed to light;
and while Drummers repeat;
A shrew's fiddle converted into and operated as
a device of (en)forced self-portraiture