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Franconia Sculpture Park
Shafer, Minnesota

Views show 16 x 10 x 14 ft. building and 72 x 36 ft. yard. Thirty-four (spruce, oak, and maple) trees planted as windbreaks. Ten photographs output as adhesive vinyl images, mounted on 17 x 11 in. aluminum sign blanks and u channel posts. Building is spruce balloon frame with galvanized steel skin; floor is reflective lane marking (coarse grip) tape. Building features operating double-hung windows and access ramp. Furnishings include: generic white rocker, stowed cot, blanket, wash basin, single clothesline, fly-strips, and one cigarette.


Utility and the image

Conditions altered by the photographic
Conditions created by the photographic
Conditions overly-dramaticized by the photographic

Distinctions between positive and negative utility.

Photographic inflammation - Sontag's "alchemy" perhaps

The negative utility of the photograph as mnemonic device